Hey, I'm Sammy! 

So, who am I really? Besides already telling you my name (that's half the battle) I'll gladly share more, like the juicy stuff!

Currently, I'm serving active duty within the U.S. Coast Guard as an Aviation Maintenance Technician and Flight Mechanic. I've been doing so for the last nine years! I am a graduate of Full Sail University where I achieved my Bachelor of Science in Digital Cinematography. I'm also a father to two young awesome boys and a loving husband to my best friend, Maya. 

Filmmaking for me really just started out as an interest which manifested into a hobby. Truth be told, I only work on things of interest, unlike most of your typical "for hire" freelancers out there.

Simply put, I only care to work on passion projects. This mentality keeps things fun and creative and I know that my heart and soul will go into every piece.


One of my favorite type of passion projects are wedding films. So much candid emotion and joy! I love filming it all, creatively editing together a moving story and and ultimately delivering a film that is sure to bring on many tears.. the good ones of course! 

If you knew me growing up, I was the kid that always had a story to tell. Now that I have an arsenal of cameras, and yes, even the flying ones, my ability to tell stories goes beyond this world... just the way I like it!

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